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How to Get a Free Background Check

It happens more times than individuals may know. Neighbors with questionable backgrounds move into the neighborhood, someone’s son or daughter begins dating someone with questionable motives, or two individual’s in the guise of looking for love meet online. What is really known about these individuals?

Online predators, scam artists and con-men are out there in the world often hiding behind a face of innocence while secretly preying on individuals and their security. Dangerous individuals can present another facade, becoming wolves in sheep’s clothing. How many individuals could have been spared if they had paid attention to the questions they wanted to ask but didn’t? How much personal security could have been preserved if a free background check had been conducted?

How does one go about getting a free background check?

In today’s computer savvy society where the Internet is the Information Superhighway, a free background check is easily obtained. A lot of personal information is available with the simple click of a computer mouse. There are a number of sites you can visit to conduct a free background check with only a minimum of easily obtained information.

A free background check can begin with Google and the Social Networks. If one knows the name of the individual being investigated all he or she needs to do is type the name into Google or another search engine to quickly access information on an individual available in cyberspace. Social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are good resources for publicly accessible information. If more information is needed, or another online directory can provide basic phone numbers and addresses. Other sites give users easy access public records such as criminal history, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce records, voter registration, etc.

Why is conducting a free background check so important?

In an ever-growing fast-paced society a free background check sometimes becomes necessary because it is often too easy to ignore the questions that an individual doesn't ask – but later learns that he or she should have asked. Trust can sometimes be misplaced before it is earned, particularly when that trust is placed in individuals one knows nothing about.

Individuals leave their children in the care of babysitters they have just met. New neighbors exhibiting strange behaviors move in next door. Someone makes a connection online, expressing emotional attachment before claiming to be traveling abroad and stranded in another country needing money to get home, conning vulnerable – often elderly – individuals out of their financial security. People hire new private contractors to do work and pay them ahead of time only to discover that the contractor was a con artist that made off with the money. Sometimes a free background check can spare individuals heartache and distress – not to mention irreplaceable personal security.

Trust is an important part of relationships, but sometimes it can be misplaced. A free background check can save individuals from a lot of problems!!

How to Gain Access to Criminal Records

How to obtain criminal records for yourself or someone else

As a U.S. Constitutional right, individuals are afforded the ability to access a variety of public records, including those of a criminal nature. This means that every citizen has the right to access to these public record files. In most cases, all that is needed is official paperwork from a court case to be presented to a state agency. Going with a private investigator is another route that one can take to obtain criminal records, but this option can become very costly.

So what are some cheaper and more efficient alternatives to accessing criminal records? Thanks to the Internet, anyone can acquire information through a few button clicks. The Internet one tool can quickly and cheaply allow someone to perform the research themselves, gaining the information that they need within often minutes. When using the internet however, it is wise to stick with a website offering strong credentials. While there are many sites that offer criminal records, not all put in the time and resources to get the most up to date and applicable data, meaning that a criminal report check on somebody could be outdated and not furnished with the most recent information for them.

So, whether someone uses the clerk's office, or the much easier online options, there are many pathways that one can take to gain access to someone's criminal records—whether your own or when needed for a background check.

Some of the information that is useful when it comes to what criminal records divulge is:

  • The criminal history of a person
  • Any crimes committed by a person
  • The total amount of time in which he or she served a prison sentence and if they were released on parole.
  • Their probation period

Why are criminal records important?

It is important for us to gather as much information as we can about someone when it comes to hiring them for a job, or allowing them into our lives and our families lives. Having this data not only ensures that they are who they say they are, but allows a glimpse into any criminal activity conducted under their own name, or any aliases they may have used in the past.

Criminal records can show not only arrests, but warrants, sex offender registry, and other criminal convictions. We all want to feel secure about the people we let around us, and criminal records checks allow us to be able to understand about the criminal past of those people. We have the technology that gives us comprehensive information when it comes to someone's past, and using it can help to keep us and our loved ones safe.

Access to accurate criminal records can be obtained through a variety of credible, online sources. In the day and age that we live in, it is easier than ever to find out information about someone. We can use this to our advantage to keep us safe and free from harm when it comes to who we allow into our lives.