Butler County OH Background Checks & Criminal Records

It's vital to perform background checks that consist of Butler County because in today's world, a background check will expose information that will help keep you and your family and business protected.

Butler County Ohio Criminal Records For Your Personal Safety

A background check in Butler County may reveal information that may help you make quick decisions that keep you and your family safe. Need to find a new babysitter to watch over your kids? Got a new renter moving in? A Butler County background check will reveal criminal records, neighbors, relatives and much more. This information will help let you establish if a new and unfamiliar person is fitting and trustworthy.

Butler County OH Criminal Records For Your Business

With an projected 354,992 living in Butler County as of 2006, you want to make sure you are hiring the best employees possible. A comprehensive background check will reveal criminal records, bankruptcies, aircraft & watercraft licenses and much more. This information will help you choose out the best employees offering the most potential, helping your company in many ways.

Butler County Statistics

General Data Value
Metropolitan Area Code 17140
Fips County Code 39017
County Name Butler
State Ohio
This table provides the FIPS code for Butler County (uniquely identifies counties and county equivalents in the United States) & also the Metropolitan Area Code (given only to counties with urban area of 50,000 or more population)

Population Data Population Rank
Population 2006 354,992 177
Population 2005 349,966 N/A
Population 2000 332,598 175
Population 1990 291,479 167
Represents population information for Butler County OH for 4 different years, along with the corresponding population rank amoung all 3,140 counties for 3 of the 4 years.

2004 Crime Data Cases 100,000 Rate
Total Violent Crimes 1,388 396.61
Murder 8 2.29
Forcible Rape 174 49.72
Robbery 350 100.01
Aggravated Assault 856 244.60
Total Property Crimes 15,307 4,373.85
Burglary 3,148 899.52
Larceny Theft 11,092 3,169.45
Motor Vehicle Theft 1,067 304.89
This table shows the number of specific crimes had been reported to Butler County in 2004, along with the Per 100,000 Rate of each crime (used to measure relative occurances of crime)

Industry Distribution Percent of Total
Construction 9.5%
Retail Trade 6.7%
Professional & Technical Services 4.2%
Health Care & Social Assistance 9.1%
Government 15.2%
This table shows the breakdown of 5 major industries found in Butler County OH in 2005

Water Usage Value
Daily Water Usage (Gallons) 147 Million
% From Groundwater 47.6%
Gallons Used For Irrigation
Gallons Used For Public Supply 45 Million
This table displays how much water Butler County OH used per day in 2000, and how that water was distributed

Labor Force 2006 2000 Change
Labor Force Population 189,698 173,564 16,134
Unemployed Population 10,675 6,204 4,471
Unemployment Rate 5.6% 3.6% 2.0
Provides the population of people in the labor force, the number of people that are unemployed, and the unemployment rate for Butler County OH. All figured are based off 2006 figures and compared to 2000 figures.

Age Distribution % Of Total Approx. Population
Age 5 and Under 6.6% 23,098
Age 5 to 14 13.5% 47,245
Age 15 to 24 16.6% 58,094
Age 25 to 34 13.3% 46,545
Age 35 to 44 14.7% 51,445
Age 45 to 54 14.6% 51,095
Age 55 to 64 9.7% 33,947
Age 65 to 74 5.7% 19,948
Age 75 and up 5.2% 18,198
This table provides the breakdown of Butler County OH's age groups. The approxomate population are based on the percentage of the total population.

Race Distribution % Of Total Est. Pop
Caucasian 90.0% 314,969
African American 6.6% 23,098
Asian American 2.0% 6,999
American Indian/Alaska Native 0.2% 700
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.1% 350
This table provides the breakdown of Butler County OH's ethnic groups. The approxomate population are based on the percentage of the total population.

Agriculture Stats Value
Total Farm Earnings $0.46 Million
Farm Count 1,060
% of Farms Under 50 Acres 53.7%
% of Farms Over 500 Acres 5.1%
Total Farm Acres 138,044
Avg Farm Acres 130
Total Value of Farms $35.25 Million
Avg Value Per Farm $33,258
% From Crops 68.4%
% From Livestock 31.6%
Provides data reguarding Butler County OH's farming industry. All figured are based off 2002 figures except for Total Farm Earnings which is based off 2005 figures.

Places Located Within Butler County OH

City View Heights
College Corner
Indian Springs
Liberty Township
Miami University
New Miami
Seven Mile
St. Clair