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Background Checks in Warren, Rhode Island

Why Get Background Checks in Warren, Rhode Island?

A background check in Warren Rhode Island will give you the information you need to make the right decisions either personally or professionally. With more than 11,238 people living in Warren as of 2006, criminal records will reveal valuable information from Warren's court documents, civil records, free public records, and sex offender databases.

Are You A Company or Business Located In Warren?

If you are a business or company in Warren looking for employment screening solutions, visit our employment screening page to find out more about our business specific background check services. We have private investigators that research records ranging from Rhode Island to nationwide to produce accurate and thorough results at a very affordable rate.

Criminal Record Data For Warren, Rhode Island

Here are Warren's criminal statistics according to the FBI in 2006

*All crime rates are based on an Incidents Per 10,000 Population basis.

Population: 11,238
County: N/A
State: Rhode Island

People Working in Law Enforcement: 27
Law Enforcement Per 10,000 People: 24.03

Violent Crimes: 19
Violent Crime Rate: 16.91

Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughters: 0
Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter Rate: 0.00

Forcible Rapes: 2
Forcible Rape Rate: 1.78

Aggravated Assaults: 14
Aggravated Assault Rate: 12.46

Robberies: 3
Robbery Rate: 2.67

Property Crimes: 201
Property Crime Rate: 178.86

Burglaries: 35
Burglary Rate: 31.14

Larceny Thefts: 157
Larceny Theft Rate: 139.70

Motor Vehicle Thefts: 9
Motor Vehicle Theft Rate: 8.01

Arsons: 3
Arson Rate: 2.67